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Finally legal!

Everything you need to know

Nine states (including California!) now allow adults to use marijuana for whatever reason they want. It’s legal! ❤

What do Californians need to know? Check out the questions and answers below.

Who can purchase cannabis?
Anyone 21+ with a valid government issued, picture I.D. can legally purchase cannabis – just like buying alcohol from a bar or liquor store. Medical users are required to be 18+.

How much “Adult-Use” Cannabis can I purchase?
1oz. of flower, 8g of concentrates, and up to 6 plants.

Where can I legally consume marijuana?
Using marijuana in public is still illegal and anyone caught can be fined anywhere from $100 to $250 for smoking in places where tobacco is banned. Best to enjoy at home with friends!

Can I drive with cannabis?
The fine for driving with an open cannabis “container” is up to $250. All cannabis products should remain concealed while in transportation. Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal as well as transporting cannabis across state lines.

What should I expect from my visit to Abatin? With so many products and options on the shelves, how will I know what to buy?
During your visit, our experts will walk you through all the options, answer questions and provide info on all aspects of cannabis. In fact we can help you get started right now with information on cannabis strains and their effects, and primers on smoking, vaping, edibles and tinctures.

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