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Intro to cannabis
Everything you need to get you started learning about cannabis, its varying effects, and how to use it.

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We take your safety seriously
Please take a moment to read our statement regarding the recent reports on the health risks of vaping.

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Cannabasics: helpful terms to know
Glossary of terms and definitions to help you learn your way around.
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The joys of a little bit
A simple way to emphasize a controlled and measured dosage approach to using cannabis.
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History of oral cannabis
Over its last 10,000 years as a medicine, cannabis has nearly always been taken orally.
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Find your dose
Establishing your dose can make sure you get the most out of your cannabis experience whether you smoke, vape, or eat.
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All about smoking
Smoking is the most common method of using cannabis; find out everything you need to know.
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How to use edibles
Eating medical cannabis produces different effects than smoking it.
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Terpenoids interact with cannabinoids, like THC, and modify THC’s effect.
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Chemistry for beginners
Get a quick overview on the science of cannabis.
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